bronze sculpture-oil paintings
Chindrieux - 73310 - France
French sculptor born 1961,Frédéric is a self-taught sculptor and has been devoting himself to figuratibe bronze sculpture since year 2000 when he discovered in art gallery famous french sculptor Le Nantec's bronze named "Ecume"
Yet today he will tell you that his favourite masters are Carpeaux,Camille Claudel,Rodin, Richard mac Donald, Philippe Faraut.
Yet he wishes he were as talented as matchless sculptor Barye for the perfect skill he shows both in human and animal anatomy.
Today, a hundred bronze sculptures stored everywhere tell tales of everyday life,sometimes inspired from famous people he borrowed name and faces from.
A longway from the time when he was considering becoming a lawyer,barister or attorney
Irony of destiny which made him prefer the soft curves of women's shapes to the stiff track of law. New bronze sculptures available every month. Go and see more on "Other bronze sculptures and Paintings page. 
Clerc-Renaud has been specialized in representational art since the very beginning and enjoys working on portraits
showing human characters in attitudes carefully studied to match his purpose.
Size range between twenty and sixty feets high.
Bronze sculptures are delivered with a certificate showing number of casting never beyond eight.

2008 was very special as he dedicated himself to learning oil painting for a change and improve his knowledge of anatomy.
Yet, he says working in 3d is easier.
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