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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Collection privee Miami

De Peinture et de Sculpture

Professional guidance through the world of fine art investment

"Collection Privee has a remarkable portfolio that includes works from some of the most accomplished artists of the last century. In this gallery on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, you may discover amazing contemporary sculptures from world-renowned artists like Frederick Hart, Richard MacDonald, Ernest Trova, Mark Brazier-Jones, Yankel Ginzburg, Tolla Inbar , M.L. Snowden, Michael Wilkinson, Alex Wagman, George Beckman , Steven Zeluski , and Gil Bruvel.

Amongst the American sculptors whose reputations are rapidly growing are Gil Bruvel, Bill Toma , Alex Wagman, Paige Bradley, George Beckman, Steven Zaluski, Marc Sijan. Collection Privee is proud to represent them all.

In addition to works by the three dimensional artists listed above, Collection Privee also represents an enviable list painters from all over the world, such as Walter Girotto from Italy , Cuban born Vicente Dopico Lerner, Maximo Caminero from the Dominican Republic, former Moscovite Vladimir Gorsky, Gregory Blin from Paris, Eva Lopez and Fabiana Anton from Peru, Argentines Maxim Lipzer and Eduardo Bartoli, Australian Robert Hagan, Gil Bruvel French Canadian, Gabriella Garza Padilla from Mexico, Parisian Pascal Chove, Canadian Laurent Viens……."


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