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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New elephant sculpture

Spent a few days creating a new sculpture. Another elephant. Couldn’t wait having a big one with huge tusks. Couldn’t wait any longer trying to improve the work.
Now it’s nearly done. Size one tenth life size. The skin is a big issue when it comes to imitate  genuine leather.
As a lot of clay was necessary to achieve such a work I decided to build the skeletone in clay and to cover it with a layer of clay. So it is hollow nearly every where except for tusks and rump.
Of course props were necessary here and there, that will eventually be removed just before molding it with plaster.
A one day process, and two more until it is completely dried up before duplicating and retouching flaws.
Anyway, right now, just as it is, I hope it is rather realistic. But when it comes out of the mold, in dark grey, I think it will be an outstanding piece of work I will be proud of.


big tusker


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