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Saturday, November 10, 2007

dewaxing ceramic shells

very cool.

Was a bit worry about this part of the job.
So, decided training on a ceramic of less importance to my eyes and dewaxing the wax pouring cup first, with a powerful propane blow torch. Cracks appeared instantly due to wax expansion, but eventually it turned out rather good.
Next, for subsequent shells, I drilled a few holes here and there through the outer part of the shell to allow the pressure out, and stored the shells in a dewaxing kiln. After ten minutes, the wax flew off the kiln like grapewine juice from a press. Ten minutes later, nothing left. Time to raise temperature up to 750°c. Little smoke. Twenty minutes later, the moulds were white clean ready for casting. Incredible dewaxing speed compared with traditional methods requiring a few day to achieve the same result.
Really exhilarating.
Lovely sound.
Holes will be patched up later, with a mixture of binder and fused silica sand stucco.


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