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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

art investment

Let me explain.
In France, things are often different from what they are in the rest of the world. France is the country of excellence especially when it comes of way of life.
Food, wines,  jewels, fashion, and Artcraft.
Rodin for bronze, Renoir for paintings,Saint-Laurent,Chanel for fashion, Clarets and Burgundy for
Concerning sculptures, when you find hundreds of bronze casts for a piece of artwork and you have
to pay huge sums to get one, in France you have only eight numbered works and an extra four. So,
don’t expect to find more than twelve on the market, and if you were lucky and the artist had not
the same chance, maybe one of its artworks will turn into a unique piece you will have paid not to
much to get hold of.
Artists are just artists and not salesmen. They are fond of creating. Making bargains is another
kettle of fishes time consuming and painful as they are parted from their studio.
Fortunately, now with the great web every would-be art lover has real possibilities of finding the
sculpture of his dreams far away from traditional pet artists always displayed in galleries round
the years.
And sherry on the pancake,this art is becoming within your reach as you no longer need to sell an
eye to get one. Just ask me and see for yourself what means good value for money.


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